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Abstracts all around…

If you follow current art, you may have noticed that abstract paintings have been growing in popularity for the past several years.  Abstract art has been defined as painting or sculpture that does not represent a person, place, or thing in the natural world.  The art is defined more by color, shape, and form than a specific subject.  Since my paintings rely heavily on strong, bright colors, I have spent a few years working with abstracts and truly enjoy the process of letting the color and brushstroke define the painting.

Here are few paintings and a few Pic Stitch ensembles of my recent abstract work.

"Casamia' 30x30 commission

"Roswell" 36x36 commission

"Hello, Sunshine" 14x14 sold

"Fresh Marsh" 30x30 available

"Blue Skies" 14x14 sold

"Inlet Creek" 48x48 commission

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