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Running in Circles…

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Do you ever feel like you are running in circles?  Or even if you are sitting still, your brain is still circling thoughts in and out and back around?  I was part of a conversation recently that touched on the question….what keeps you up at night?  In a round-about way, the conversation turned to circles.  A friend, JI, passed along a great piece of insight. He talked about having various “circles” in our lives…. “circles of concern” and “circles of influence.”

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“Circles of concern”  are those things we should be aware of…be educated about…be informed about….things like the economy, ISIS, Ebola….big things.  We shouldn’t completely ignore these things, but we should not be overwhelmed or constantly worrying about them, either.  And we should not put our main focus on this circle.

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“Circles of influence” are those things we can actually influence…things that are closer to our heart…your family, your friends, your faith, your work.  These are things that often involve the day to day….the who you love and the what you love and the how you live.  This is where more of your focus should be.

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After JI shared this insight, I kept thinking about one more circle….the whole big circle of life….and how God has that whole big circle right in the palm of His hand.  God who created life….who created all the things in the circle of concern….who created all the things in the circle of influence… God’s got it all.

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Instead of having all these thoughts running in circles in my head or keeping me up at night, they have been poured out on small canvases.  Below are a few specifics on size and pricing.  Get in touch if there’s one you need.  All available work is here and on ETSY.  Or you can request a commission of a larger “Circles of Life” piece here.

"Circles of Life" 5; 8x8 $100

“Circles of Life” 5; 8×8 $100


"Circles of Life" 2; 6x6 $75

“Circles of Life” 2; 6×6 $75


"Circles of Life" 8; 4x6 $60

“Circles of Life” 8; 4×6 $55


Circles of Life 7; 5x7 on wood; $60

Circles of Life 7; 5×7 on wood; $60


"Circles of Life" 4; 6x6 $75

“Circles of Life” 4; 6×6 $75

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