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Christmas in July

"Six Martins"

 Our local temperatures have been hovering around 100.  We are smack in the middle of summer, which makes it  a perfect time to think about Christmas….especially if you may be considering a commissioned painting as gift for someone special.  Commissions take 6 to 8 weeks to complete.  Last year, my deadline for Christmas orders was October 5th.  Sounds early, but you want plenty of time devoted to your painting.

So crank up the air conditioning, take a peek at a few Christmas commissions from last year, and think about the cooler weather to come.

"Teach Your Children Well"

"Let Your Light Shine"


"Joyful Noise"

 A quick note about each painting above:

“Six Martins” – a gift from a mother to her grown son and his family.

“Teach Your Children Well” – a gift from a wife to her husband.

“Let Your Light Shine” – a gift from sister to sister.

“Grandsons” – a gift from a family to their grandmother.

“Joyful Noise” – a gift from the whole family to the grandparents.

Please note, each of these paintings was completed without a posed photograph.  Each was done using a variety of pictures – not one person was on a beach or holding a sparkler or standing in a line with the whole family or dressed in red, white, and blue.

So take lots of photos and enjoy July!

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