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You’re Never Too Young….

You’re never too young for original art.  I am a huge fan of art for children and youngsters.  Children by nature are curious and creative.  They have a built in appreciation for anything made by hand….paintings, sculpture, drawings.  I think sometimes adults feel like children are just “too young” for a real painting. I happen to disagree.  I believe children instinctively love art and should be surrounded by it whenever possible.

The photo above is from the bedroom of sweet GR.  GR is a 5th grader, but from the photo you’d never guess her age.  The room could belong to someone 8,12, 16, 20 years old.  Which is another great thing about original art for children.  Art can be for any age and any room.  A painting can grow up with your child.

"Spring in Bloom" 20x24

The close up of GR’s painting shows more detail of the paint, brush strokes, and color.  It is bright and cheery, just like GR.

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