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  • Lauren Thrift

    Original acrylic paintings full of bright colors, clean shapes, and much joy.

    Bright colors make me smile. There is something about a big orange sunrise, a vast blue ocean, a deep green leaf, or an intense pink peony that fills me with warmth. I try to use the brilliance of color in my paintings to create a visual happiness.

    I hope you will enjoy viewing some of these colorful paintings. Check back from time to time to see what's new, feel free to share with friends, or subscribe in the sidebar below to receive occasional updates by email. Paintings are added several times a month. Anything added is sure to be filled with bright colors and much joy! Thanks - LPT

Summer has ended…

Summer has ended, and we have headed back to school…  As always, this time of the year is bittersweet.  I love summer, but I know it’s time to get going on the next school year.

Recently, two little paintings were completed.  Small “thank you” gifts for fun summer travels.

photo 4-193photo 1-266picstitch-42

If it is still summer where you are, hope you are enjoying every minute.  And if  your summer has ended, I hope it was filled with fabulous fun.

Summer Wedding…

photo 3-241

Oh how I love a summer wedding!  This couple was extra special.  So beautiful both inside and out….I couldn’t resist sharing all this love and joy.

photo 1-10

photo 3-5

July 11, 2015 - 7:36 pm

Macie Stratton - Oh, Lauren, it’s so beautiful! You did just a great job capturing Lindsay and Ridge! Xoxo

Currently hanging…

This recent commission was extra special…

photo 2-7

The precious young lady in the middle is Sloan Chambers.  Years ago, before I even knew this family, I completed a small painting of Sloan.


At the time, Sloan was in the hospital battling Mast Cell Leukemia.  I had never met Sloan, the painting was a gift….another friend, Caroline Simas, had the wonderful idea to fill Sloan’s hospital room with as much color and art and joy as possible.

Fast forward several years….I met Kate Chambers, Sloan’s mother, in Sunday School.  I get goosebumps just thinking about it.  The Chambers lost Sloan in September of 2011.  Their grief was, of course, immeasurable, but their faith was greater than the grief.  They knew they were meant to be parents, and have since adopted two beautiful children, Tripp and Lucy.  Shortly after meeting Kate, she asked me to begin work on a painting of all 3 of her children.  The whole process is best described in Kate’s own words…snapped from Instagram…incredibly humbling.

photo 1-11

The painting is now currently hanging in a spot surrounded by art, toys, and love.

photo 3-7
photo 3-240photo 2-269

Graduation Gifts…

Congrats to all the recent graduates….

Below are two paintings that went to two recent high school graduates.

They are words taken from a favorite scripture of each young lady.

photo 4-189

Deuteronomy 31:8–headed to Davidson College

photo 2-265

Psalm 27:4-headed to UNC Chapel Hill

How exciting to be headed off to college in the Fall!!!

And speaking of heading off…..our youngest is headed to middle school….not a graduation, but exciting just the same.


Welcome to “Maycember”…

The month of May has arrived.  If you have children, May marks the end of the school year and the start of “Maycember.”  Somehow, May has become busier than December.  Along with all the activities of May, we also have Mother’s Day, graduations, confirmations, and end-of-year gifts for teachers.  Whew!  Here are a few (hopefully) helpful suggestions, if you are giving the gift of art this May.

Mother’s Day…..

5x5 at Paper Twist

5×5 at Paper Twist $68

5x5 at Paper Twist

5×5 at Paper Twist $68

5x5 at Paper Twist

5×5 at Paper Twist $68


High School Graduation……

How about a one of a kind portrait of the special grad on a map of a special location?

5x5 map on block; $125 for one figure

5×5 map on block; $125 for one figure

Or the grad with a sibling(s) on their home state?  Perfect size for a dorm room.

5x5 map on block; $150 for 2 figures

5×5 map on block; $150 for 2 figures


College Graduation…

“Circles of Life” abstract series–perfect reminder for someone just starting out–we’ve all got circles of concern and circles of influence, but God has the whole big circle of life.

Circles of Life #2  6x6 $75

Circles of Life #2 6×6 $75

Circles of Life #6 8x8  $100

Circles of Life #6 8×8 $100


or something for the walls of the graduate’s first apartment…..

10x10 framed abstracts $

12×12 framed abstracts $145 each


Confirmation, First Communion, Baptism….

Angels $50 each.

Angels $50 each.


Teacher gifts…flowers and angels…..

 5x5 at Paper Twist $68

5×5 at Paper Twist $68

photo 3-118

Angel $50

photo 1-131

Angel $50

5x5 at Paper Twist $68

5×5 at Paper Twist $68